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Columbo "webisodes" are the perfect way to promote your conference, create a buzz, AND increase attendance! As a way of promoting their conference, most associations simply list on their website, information such as; the hotel & agenda, along with a photo or two.

Imagine COLUMBO, making a surprise appearance on your potential attendees or potential vendors computer screens via a link on your site, or from a separate email that you send out.
Below is an example. You'll see a three-week campaign - one brief "webisode" per week (or less if you prefer) that was emailed by that particular organization to their members promoting their upcoming event in Las Vegas. You'll see that it's an attention grabber, as well as an informative, fun, and out-of-the-box way to get the message across! It lets members know… this is gonna be a conference not to be missed!

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Here's a cost effective way for your regional chapters to take advantage of webisodes for THEIR events! While taping the webisodes for the conference, additional spots will be created specifically for the local or even World-Wide chapters (Columbo is an International Icon). These will be "generic" enough so information about their upcoming meetings & events will be creatively "edited in." Since all of your members will have seen the first one on your site promoting the national conference, (even if they didn't attend), they'll appreciate, not to mention...enjoy, seeing these fun & informative messages created just for them! By having three different "types" of spots, this will allow enough flexibility to have the chapters create their own campaign over the entire year. The good news is because the main headquarters help sponsor the initial taping, the pricing is nominal for the chapters.

The "webisodes" can also be utilized as a cutting edge and unique
"live action newsletter" throughout the year. They can even be used as a fun recap, keeping the spirit going, days or weeks after the conference and start talking up the next one! Your members will look forward to opening your emails, especially if they think they'll be entertained while being informed!

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